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Chimney Cleaning Buford

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Founded in 1872, Buford is presently home to close to 18,000 residents in this portion of Metro Atlanta.  Buford, Georgia, enjoys a growing population that currently ranks as the forth largest city in Gwinnett County.  With close to 7500 households, many chimneys are tested by residents looking to keep their home warm in the winter months.  To keep energy bills down, a inspection annually is recommended to maintain safety of the chimney for future use.

WHAT We Do...

It is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) that your chimney is completely inspected annually. The main purpose of this is to ensure that your wood burning technology is safe first and foremost but also to to ensure the chimney is running efficiently. As chimneys allow smoke to escape,  the probability increases that a malfunctioning chimney will let the outside air penetrate in. This can cause so pretty lofty electricity bills if left unchecked, potentially adding up to an additional 100's of dollars per month.

Inspections are only a fraction of the services Chimney Pro Cleaners performs. We are equally experienced and qualified to help the people of Buford with:

  • Chimney cleaning

  • Chimney repair/relining

  • Fix smoking fireplaces

  • Removal of pests/animals

  • Installation of cmps and dampers

  • Custom caps for chimneys

  • Masonry repairs

  • We also sell and install wood stoves

  • Pressure washing & water proofing

  • Cleaning and replacement of dryer ducts

Customer Review of Our Service:

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