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Chimney Repair Atlanta

Please call for pricing and options.

With an estimated 2019 population of 506,811, it also ranks 37th in terms of the most populous cities in America.  With this many residing in Atlanta, Chimney repair is a must to maintain Atlanta's homes and allow them to be fully functional and foundationally strong in the chimney department.  The last thing a home needs is a unplanned fire from improper chimney repair or maintenance.  . The age of the homes are causing havoc on many chimneys and a strong chimney cleaning, sweep or repair is a necessity to ensure proper safety when conducting a fire in the fireplace.  Some of the services on the chimney repair front are listed below.  Call us today at 404-593-6442 for an estimate.

Residential Atlanta Chimney Repair

At some stage during your home-ownership, the chimney will more than likely need some sort of repair or maintenance. Repairing a brick chimney can range from very minor spot pointing, to complete rebuilds, but what most people fail to understand is repairs can also be these two solutions combined!

If you have spotted minor cracks or loose bricks in your chimney, you could wait for more serious damage to occur, or you could ensure the well being of your home and use this time to make needed brick chimney repairs and avoid complicated issues.  We can repair damage before it gets worse and offer suggestions to prevent further deterioration of your chimney. Once repaired, waterproofing your chimney is a strong thought to consider in order to prevent the same issue arising on a frequent basis.


Chimney Repair Atlanta Services we Offer Include:


  1. Sweeping

  2. Chimney Liners

  3. Chimney Pointing

  4. Chimney Rebuild

  5. Chimney Cap

  6. Gas Fireplace Installation

  7. Chemical Cleaning

  8. Smoke Chamber Repair

  9. Dampers

  10. Video Diagnosis of Chimney

  11. Flashing Repair

  12. Waterproofing

  13. Chase Covers

Cities we Offer Chimney Repair in:

Dunwoody | Duluth | Johns Creek | Sandy Springs | Sugar Hill | Gainesville | Dawsonville | Suwanee | Lawrenceville | Milton | Buford | Alpharetta | Marietta | Brookhaven

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