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Gas Fireplace Repair Marietta 

Gas Fireplaces - We sell, install and repair them


Are you looking for reliable and professional fireplace repair service in Marietta Georgia? Chimney Pro Cleaners of Marietta has the answer to all your fireplace problems because our chimney technicians and masons have many years of experience repairing fireplaces in Marietta. Call us today at 404-593-6442 to schedule service or request a Free Fireplace Repair Estimate

fireplace repair Marietta

If you are experiencing any problems with your fireplace then there is potential for serious hazards like chimney fires or carbon monoxide gas leaks. For the safety of your home and family, we recommend you schedule a thorough evaluation immediately before your next use. A skilled expert can identify the problem and repair fireplace hazards before they cause any serious harm or damage. Request your Free Fireplace Repair Quote from reliable professionals at Chimney Pro Cleaners that you can trust. We are available across  Marietta to serve you anytime. We service all types of fireplaces and wood stoves including: gas fireplace, wood burning fireplace, masonry fireplace, prefabricated fireplace (prefab fireplace), electric fireplace, brick fireplace, and stone fireplace. We provide a complete line of maintenance services in Marietta and fix all common fireplace problems including:

  • Birds, squirrels, or pest chimney removal

  • Broken damper

  • Fireplace cleaning and sweeping

  • Chimney leaning or sagging

  • Chimney or fireplace blockage

  • Conversion to gas

  • Cracked bricks or stones

  • Cracked or crumbling mortar

  • Creosote buildup

  • Fireplace doors not opening or closing properly

  • Firebox repair

  • Fireplace hearth repair

  • Fireplace inspection

  • Fireplace installation

  • Fireplace refacing and remodeling

  • Fireplace restoration and renovation

  • Gas jets blocked or clogged

  • Gas odors

  • Install gas insert

  • Install new flue liner

  • Install new fireplace screen

  • Install new glass

  • Oversized or Undersized flue liner

  • Smoking fireplace

  • Sparks flying out from the chimney

  • Trouble opening or closing the damper

  • Trouble with fires going out / not drawing well

  • Water leak from chimney or fireplace

fireplace installation Marietta
fire place install Marietta
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