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We Are The Leading Grill Cleaning And Service Company In The Metro Atlanta Area.

We Provide Top Of The Line Grill Cleaning, Maintenance And Repairs.

Our Skilled Technicians Backed by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee And Competitive Pricing Makes Us The Best Choice For All Your Grill Cleaning And Service Needs.

Our trained technicians are using power tools and green products. They will remove grease and grime from all interior components of the grill, power brush the grates and cooking surfaces, clean and polish the exterior, and test the grill to make sure it is in good working order.


Why Should I Clean My Grill?

Did You Know That the National Fire Protection Association Reports That 8,900 U.S. Home Fires Each Year Are Caused By Grill Fires. Failure To Clean The Grill Is The Leading Contributing Factor In Grill Structural Fires. Gas leaks were a Factor In 27% Of gas Grill Outside Fires. Protect Your Family And Your Property By Scheduling Your Grill Cleaning Today. Our Trained Technicians Will Run a 15-Point Safety Check Including Gas Leak Detection With Every Grill cleaning Service or Service Call.

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